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You have been waiting for the day for a long time—nine months to be exact. You are sitting on the couch or out to brunch when suddenly labor starts, and this time it is not a false alarm. You rush to the hospital and go into delivery. It is the moment you have been dreaming of, and you are so happy—until you realize something is wrong. Maybe not right away, but after a few days or weeks. This special day turns unexpectedly sour when you realize that your newborn child has just become a victim of medical malpractice and will now be dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury for his or her life.

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While some birth injuries are apparent when the child is born, others manifest and show themselves later in the child’s development. Brain injuries, for example, can be caused during the pregnancy, during birth or even soon after birth. Sometimes they will not be apparent for at least a few months after birth.


The worst part is the effects of most birth injuries will not just disappear. You and your family are looking at years of dealing with aggravation and costly medical bills. It is not fair, and the one who will suffer the most is your precious child.


If you believe you are qualified to pursue compensation for medical malpractice from the people who should have carefully brought your baby into the world, Bill Kennedy Law is here to help. We believe you and your family deserve the happiness you had imagined all along, and we will do the most we can to restore it and make your family whole.


Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy and Other Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are more common than you may think. Sometimes, however, the people you expected to be experienced professionals turn out to really be negligent caretakers. The two most common birth injuries our attorneys have seen include cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy.


Cerebral palsy is a condition that injures the brain due to lack of oxygen traveling to your baby’s brain. This can occur during the pregnancy, at birth or after delivery. Cerebral palsy is serious and can cause permanent damage to a baby’s brain and hinder the baby’s normal development.


Erb’s palsy occurs when the nerves of your baby’s arms are injured during delivery, and its effects range in severity. In some cases, this birth injury can leave the arm completely paralyzed or significantly interfere with hand movement. In other cases, the baby may have temporary loss of feeling and muscle function, which wear off in a few weeks or months after birth.


There are of course many other things that can lead to birth injuries, and as unpleasant as birth defects are to think about, if you suspect your baby may be a victim, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Bill Kennedy Law will be here for you during this trying time in your life, so please feel free to reach out to us today.

We Can Help with Receiving Restitution for Birth Injuries

If you think your child may be suffering from a birth injury, you should consult an attorney immediately to discuss your legal options. If your child’s condition is long term, it may be time to start planning for their healthcare costs, physical therapy, counseling and medical bills. Call Bill Kennedy Law today at (972) 939-4878 and tell us about your case so we can conduct a full evaluation of your rights and options. As always, we will fight for your rights honestly and aggressively.

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