Attorney General prosecutors show no mercy when it comes to examining violent crimes—especially those involving family law cases. They are self-proclaimed experts in prosecuting major violent crimes, including capital murder, child pornography, Internet sex crimes involving children, and domestic and child abuse. This being said, if you have been accused of any of these crimes, there is still hope that you and your family’s lives can be restored.

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Child Abuse

Child abuse is a very serious criminal offense, and you should contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately if you are facing allegations. Child abuse and neglect can refer to any act, or lack thereof, which places a child in the way of harm, including or resulting in death, physical harm, emotional harm, or sexual abuse. This includes child pornography.


Once allegations of child abuse are reported to authorities, your life can spin out of control. Even if a victim or accuser decides to back out on pressing charges, your case will be in the hands of state prosecutors. If you are charged with, or are under investigation for child abuse, you should never try to resolve the problem on your own. Call us at (972) 939-4878 for a free consultation today.




Domestic Violence or Abuse

The State Legislature in Texas has focused on strengthening its domestic violence laws in recent years. What does that mean for you? Well, if you have been accused of a crime in which the alleged victim is related to you by marriage, lives with you, or has been in a sexual relationship with you, the offense may fall within the statutory definition of “domestic violence.”


If you are facing domestic violence charges, it can be very destructive to your reputation and could possibly go on your record. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, it could affect your rights as a parent, access to spousal support and other privileges. Consequently, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney immediately if you are facing accusations of domestic violence.





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Bill Kennedy Law is dedicated to protecting you and your constitutional rights. If you are facing violent crime, including child abuse, domestic violence, or any other criminal charges in Texas, you should immediately contact one of our attorneys at (972) 939-4878. We can also discuss your case with you via live chat. Our team is made up of a group of expert attorneys with extensive trial training in leading-edge litigation techniques. We will treat your case from day one like it is going to trial, and we refrain from settling out of court or accepting plea deals. At Bill Kennedy Law, we always fight for your rights honestly and aggressively.

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