Internet Sex Crimes Bring About Serious Penalties. Bill Kennedy Law Can Help

Online sexual offenses are also known as Internet sex crimes. As technology advances and the Internet grows, there are more and more ways to get in trouble with just one click of a button. Chat rooms and social apps open up the playing field to sex crimes, and, even as legislature fights to keep up, you can quickly find yourself in legal trouble.


Being accused of an Internet sex crime can make you feel like the world is ending, so it is important to seek legal counsel from a skillful defense lawyer who will stop at nothing to try to clear your name and reduce your penalties. Don’t allow the Internet to make your life spiral out of control. Bill Kennedy and his legal team are here to defend your constitutional rights, and we will stop at nothing to make sure you are properly and aggressively defended.

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Delving Deeper into the World of Internet Sex Crime Charges

Any person who knowingly commits a sex crime is up for a tough legal battle. Internet sex crimes are no different. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is backed by an expert legal team well versed in sex crime defense.


When people are accused of an online sex crime, it oftentimes involves a minor or child. That being said, the following are illegal acts for which you may be prosecuted in an Internet sex crime case:

  • Distributing Indecent Materials to Minors
  • Endangering The Welfare of a Child
  • Exposing a Minor to Child Pornography
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Soliciting Children for Sexual Acts


Internet sex crimes can make you feel like you’re tangled up in more than one dangerous web, but our legal team is prepared to help you avoid maximum penalties. Whether you are in over your head because you have been falsely accused, branded as a pedophile, or were getting yourself tangled up in these charges unknowingly, Bill Kennedy Law is here to provide you with the professional legal counsel and representation you require.

We Provide Expert Legal Advice for Internet Sex Crimes

Bill Kennedy has nearly a decade of criminal defense experience under his belt and is well equipped to provide you with competent legal defense. Internet sex crime allegations are not to be taken lightly, and our criminal defense team will work with you to make sure you understand your rights. We are realistic about the potential outcome of your case, yet we remain very optimistic. Call us today at (972) 939-4878 to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your Internet sex crime charges with one of our skilled defense attorneys. For your convenience, we also provide a private, safe and secure live chat tool that you can use to discuss your case and options with one of our attorneys. Allow Bill Kennedy Law to help you today!

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