Probation violations are serious matters that can have severe consequences. In fact, spending time in jail is a very real possibility. The most important first step to take when your probation has been revoked is to be proactive and hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. After violating the conditions of their probation, clients often make the situation worse and stop reporting altogether, afraid that their mistakes will send them straight to jail. A competent attorney can guide you through the process and begin to repair the damage.


If you are facing probation revocation, do not hesitate to contact Bill Kennedy Law. Our legal team is a group of professional criminal defense lawyers who will stop at nothing to defend your rights. If you are in over your head and want to avoid jail time, Bill Kennedy Law is a team of experts who are well versed in matters involving probation revocation.

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What Happens When Probation Is Revoked?

Probation violations are oftentimes more complex than the original case. From lesser violations to the more extreme, your attorney should prevent a hearing at all costs. The obvious goal is to have your probation reinstated, but there are many possible outcomes. If you as a probationer previously entered a plea for deferred adjudication, you can be sentenced to the maximum jail time allowed for that particular crime. You are not entitled to any credit for all the months of probation you completed successfully. In other words, you would start at square one after even one small mistake. After your probation has been revoked, the judge will issue an arrest warrant. It is possible to be released on bond until your case is resolved, but there are no guarantees.


A Deeper Look into Probation Revocation

The only thing you can count on if your probation is revoked is that the problem will not go away on its own. Probation violations occur in many ways, including, but not limited to:


  • Being charged with a new offense
  • Failing to pay fines, court costs, probation fees, or restitution in a timely manner
  • Using drugs or alcohol
  • Not attending classes or completing community service hours


These are all common violations, and you can be sure that even one false step will be used to paint your situation in a negative light. Therefore, having an advocate to explain these issues and cast you in a positive light is of the utmost importance. We at Bill Kennedy Law have extensive experience conducting probation revocation proceedings and have a track record of success in helping clients avoid the harsh penalties they face.


Who Can Help?

The legal team here at Bill Kennedy Law is committed to protecting our clients and their constitutional rights at all costs. If you are facing probation revocation or any other charges, it would be a wise choice to contact one of our attorneys at (972) 939-4878. Or, if you prefer, you may also live chat with a Bill Kennedy representative or contact us here. We always fight for your rights honestly and aggressively.

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