Possession of Controlled Substances is a Serious Criminal Charge. Bill Kennedy Law Can Help

If you are facing a fine or possible jail time because of your alleged involvement with narcotics or other controlled substances, we can help. A narcotic is generally defined as a drug that, in moderate doses, dulls the senses and causes a person to be less functional and aware of his or her surroundings.


If you are facing charges related to possession of controlled substances, do not ignore the issue; take charge of your future by reaching out to an experienced drug possession lawyer at Bill Kennedy Law. The worst mistake you can make if facing criminal charges is hesitating to prepare for legal action.

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A Closer Look at Charges Related to Possession of Controlled Substances

In the state of Texas, drug possession is a serious criminal offense that often results in severe punishments. Hard drugs, like cocaine and methamphetamine, carry a sentence of at least 180 days in jail for under a gram and 10 to 99 years in a state prison for 400 grams or more. Those convicted of possessing controlled substances may also be fined up to $100,000 for large amounts. Prescription drugs, like Valium, Xanax, and Ritalin, are in a different penalty group, but the maximum sentence is still 99 years in prison for large amounts. In addition to these penalties, the state of Texas can revoke the driver’s licenses of convicted individuals for up to six months.


If you are being implicated or are involved in a drug-related case, you should contact our law office as soon as possible at (972) 939-4878.


An Experienced Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Putting your case in the hands of an attorney who you can trust can reduce the stress of facing drug charges and a permanent stain on your record. Bill Kennedy Law handles all kinds of cases, but we concentrate a hefty amount of our practice on drug-related criminal defense. Our legal team’s wealth of experience with these cases has allowed us to help many Texas residents avoid harsh sentences and jail time. Mr. Kennedy’s priority is always his clients, and you can count on him and his team to do everything possible to improve your situation.


The following are just a few examples of accusations Bill Kennedy Law handles:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Possession of Controlled Substance or Dangerous Drugs
  • Manufacture of Controlled Substances
  • Delivery of Controlled Substances


Drug-related offenses can have serious implications for your reputation and your potential employment opportunities, so it is important to deal with charges promptly and efficiently.

Facing Charges for Possession of Controlled Substances?

If you live in Texas and you or a family member has been charged with drug possession, contact the lawyers at Bill Kennedy Law today. Our firm is located in Carrollton, and Mr. Kennedy and his team are trial lawyers who proudly serve the entire state of Texas. You can contact us by phone at (972) 939-4878, by email, or via web chat for a consultation. Our lawyers always fight for your rights honestly and aggressively.

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