Bill Kennedy Law is held in place by personal injury and criminal defense attorneys Bill Kennedy and Joan Ballard. Together, they provide clients with nearly a decade of solid legal expertise. Both have a passion not only for justice, but also for helping people. Whether it is your reputation or your personal health on the line, Bill and Joan are here to defend you and restore your life to the way it was. Do not hesitate to contact Bill Kennedy Law today to schedule a free consultation with Bill or Joan.


Bill Kennedy

Managing Partner

Although Bill Kennedy handles all kinds of cases, his specialties are in personal injury and criminal defense law. Bill is not afraid to take a case to trial, and that is what makes him an inimitable expert.

Bill Kennedy

Joan Ballard


A person can receive justice only if he or she is able to effectively navigate through the complex system of laws and requirements. Joan sees herself as a guide in that regard and strives to help her clients’ voices be heard.

Joan Ballard


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Why Are Trial Attorneys Better? 

When it comes to receiving the highest degree of legal assistance and representation, no other person will fight harder to ensure the most favorable outcome in a client’s case than a trial attorney. Trial attorneys are passionate lawyers who undergo additional specialized training that prepares them for success in the courtroom. They learn strategic trial techniques they can use to leverage their position against the opposing party. What’s more is trial attorneys do not automatically settle or accept plea deals, which oftentimes proves to work in their clients’ favor in a big way.


Bill Kennedy and Joan Ballard are both experienced trial attorneys who will zealously fight for and defend their clients no matter what. Since they both concentrate in personal injury and criminal defense law, Bill and Joan are highly active in the courtroom, garnering more litigation experience than the average attorney with each case they take on. Whenever you need proficient legal assistance, reach out to the trial attorneys at Bill Kennedy Law. We’ll always fight for your rights honestly and aggressively.

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