About Bill Kennedy Law

Bill Kennedy Law is made up of a team of legal professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality legal assistance and representation for what matters most: you, your business and your family. We are trial attorneys who concentrate in personal injury, criminal defense law and civil litigation, and we will go to great lengths to fight for your rights and ensure you receive the professional care you need. Since Bill Kennedy Law is a trial attorney law firm, we aggressively prepare all our cases for trial and refuse to take shortcuts or settle for anything less than the client deserves.


What sets us apart from other law firms is our commitment to our clients. At Bill Kennedy Law, you are a face with a name, and you will not be treated like a case file number. Our trial attorneys are personally invested in fighting for your rights and restoring you and your family to your previous standing. They and everyone else on our team have a passion for helping people and will do whatever it takes to stand up in your defense.


At Bill Kennedy Law, we promise to treat your case, no matter the size or cost, with the utmost professionalism. We also do not charge for an initial consultation. Our legal team will meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your situation. Your case will receive personal attention from a practiced attorney, and no payments are required until you have been compensated from your case or after your case is settled.


Further, we promise to keep you in the loop and always strive to return any phone calls and emails the same day. If for whatever reason you try to reach us after 3:00 pm and we cannot answer, you will hear from us the next business day!


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At Bill Kennedy Law, we offer free transportation to and from our office for personal injury clients who may have a need for it. In cases where you have been involved in an automobile accident, lost your car or had your license suspended, contact us to see if you qualify for free transportation. Our legal team understands that lawsuits can be stressful, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout this process.



It is important to report your injury to an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can make a claim. Do not wait or try to defend your own case. Being prompt will help your attorney accurately assess the merits of your case and refer you to the right medical and financial experts.


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Contact us today at (972) 939-HURT (4878) to schedule your free consultation! We also provide a complimentary and secure live chat function you can use to begin discussing your case with a Bill Kennedy Law representative.

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